augh, so pissed. sorry just need to vent.
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Thread: augh, so pissed. sorry just need to vent.

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    Angry augh, so pissed. sorry just need to vent.

    was driving along today and blew my valve stem. can't stop on a bridge so had to take it over before i could pull over. get out and look, no problem just need a new tire. well, get closer to look, my rim is bent. so much for big wheels and low pro tires. glad it wasn't my bike. well after a 100 dollar tow, looks like i'm in the hole bigtime to straigten out my wheel and a new set of tires. i just want to scream. i think i will. auuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.
    nope still doesn't feel better. oh well, thanks for listening. just had to vent.

    well on the plus side got to look at a few bikes going by.
    Ride long and prosper.

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    That sucks man!

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    Well.... I have a set of 4 17" rims and three of them are bent... due to 40 series tires and pot holes.... so don't feel so bad... Call panther machineing in Surrey they can straighten your rim for you...

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