Another passing on the same lane rant!!!
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Thread: Another passing on the same lane rant!!!

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    Angry Another passing on the same lane rant!!!

    luckily i just made it home unscathed. I was on 29th about 45min ago there was a car making a left so i passed him on lane position 3. I crossed the intersection and as i shoulder checked to go bck to lane position 1 i heard a loud engine roar and this fuckin idiot just zipped past me on my lane on p1. I hope your on this site so u can read what a idiot u are. We were approaching 29th and Earles all i kept thinking was if the light turns red im gonna pull this idiot off his bike and give a beating. I never get road rage but this one time i was pissed, luckily it didnt turn red or i would have had a assault charge. Heres his plate number so next time if anyones riding in front or behind him u know to be careful of this idiot. Im not sure what bike it is, but it was a Harley sporster kind of bike it could have been a honda. E5 3989.
    I hardly ever shoulder check when switching lane positions maybe 50/50 but im gonna do it all the time now. I was so close to switching i just kept thinking of the aftermath if i did. What a tard

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    Hey, thats my plate number. WTF?

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    uh oh. im glad its not me

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