so i recently replaced my chain and sprockets (went +4 in the rear and 1 down in the front) and i'm quite happy...actually, i'm ecstatically happy cuz it feels like a new bike! anyways, decide to see how the S2S ride would be with the new gearing...felt awesome, so i decide to lengthen my usual S2S ride and head up to whistler, and maybe pemberton. so i get to whistler and once i hit the 50-60 zone, i get these quick and abrupt sway of my rear end once in awhile...maybe a sway of about an inch or so. i figure that it was my rear caliper seizing up, locking the pads onto the disc.

needless to say, i forego the trip extension to pemberton and figure out what the hell i was going to do. well, there wasn't much i could do, except to head back home. WELL, that 130km trip home from whistler to coquitlam felt like it was THE longest ride i have ever been on!!! i stayed around 80 clicks for the whole way through and it saddened me to see wide-open roads between whistler and squamish as well, around furry creek, there was this sweet (and i mean SWEET! ) yellow lambo that roared past me...and i couldn't even get a closer look.

finally made it home safely, even with the swayings getting more frequent as i got closer to home, and took my rear end apart to figure out what was wrong. looks like my wheel bearings are shot, as there was a strip of metal wrapped around 1 of the i guess that was throwing my rear wheel around, causing the disc brake to grind against the pads...sigh...what a least the swaying didn't happen on my way up, where my pace was um, moderate