Need 2001 Kaw ZX6 R lower fairings (blue)
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Thread: Need 2001 Kaw ZX6 R lower fairings (blue)

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    Question Need 2001 Kaw ZX6 R lower fairings (blue)

    I've been searching for months and have found sweet fuckall. Does ANYONE know where I can find left and right lower fairings for a 2001 Kawasaki ZX6 R Ninja (CL) blue for a good price? I need the fairings with decals.

    Second question. Does anyone know for sure if there is any difference between the US version of this bike and the Canadian version when it comes to fairing fitting and graphic appearance, because the fairings are about $400.00 cheaper in the states. I've called numerous dealers in the states, as well as Kaw CA / Kaw one can tell me the facts...all they can do is look off microfiche and say "geeze...I can't say for sure you'll have to call Kawasaki Canada...or Kawasaki USA. No one will tell me absolutely yes including the head offices on either side of the boarder! Just wondering if anyone has tried, or knows for sure...cuz Kawasaki as a totally RETARDED! :P

    That's all I got
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