This F2 is a rare sight. It may be a 91 but it looks more like a 98. The bodywork comes in three parts; upper, lower w/ bellypan, and solo-tail. Each one of these sections are unique. Other trick parts include a leo vinci high-pipe, double bubble windscreen, single headlight and dual tailights similar to an R6/R1.

I have just replaced the Cam Chain Tensioner but the engine requires the Cam chain to be replaced. The milelage of this bike is good for the year. It has just over 48k. The engine is very strong but it requires some work such as a carb clean, two spark plugs aren't firing and the cam chain will need to be replaced within the next year. Carter Honda's mechanic informed me that the engine is perfectly fine on the street, but if raced the cam chain definetly has to be replaced. I have a majority of the serivce records and reciepts that I am willing to show.

- 97-98 F3 bodywork
- Single 100mm headlight (like the pro's use for enduro races)
- Daul tailight with two red LED lights
- Leo-Vinci high pipe stainless exhuast (imported from italy)
- Never used Bridgestone BT56's
- Gold 530 chain and chrome sprockets (front and rear)
- Zero Gravity Double bubble
- Frame sliders

If your wondering why I am selling this. It's because I have simply run out of money to spend and to make matters worse this is all on a student budget. My dream was to create a bike that was unique. By forcing myself to sell this bike I am losing money. My loss is becoming your gain!

This bike is street legal. It can be turned into a race bike or used on the street. There are no liens but there has been vandelism reports on the VIN #'s. For this bike I will be taking offers around the $5000 level.

I guarantee that you will not find a similar F2 around. If you want to see a truly one of a kind bike, PM me to book an appointment, email me at or give me a call 604-942-8726 and ask for Ryan.

P.S. If you need more pictures go to


- If your wondering why the tail doesn't look flush with the other body work, that's because I haven't finished installing the tail and the lights(both front and rear).