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Seems like this could be good for all newbies, not just women. Wadya say you do one for everyone sometime?
I'm organizing the ladies-only Bike Maintenance 101 class that Actionmechanic has graciously agreed to conduct on Mon Aug 22 @ 7:00 pm. There's one space left, ladies...PM me if you're interested. (Eternity & Fireball...I've sent you a PM)

I've also had a few people with XY chromosomes (guys, that's you...LOL) who expressed an interest. As much fun as it would be to dress y'all up in drag, I was told I wasn't allowed to sign up XX imposters [sigh]. Anyhow, I digress...Actionmechanic is running a regular class on Wed Aug 24. Contact him if you're interested.

I've attached a quick blurb from a thread from last year that describes the course content:
Basic Maintenance 101

I offer a pleasant, relaxed 3-4 hour evening, where I show you what you should and need to know about maintaining your modern motorcycle. All the questions you were too afraid or embarrassed to ask the service manager! The theory is, for only $30, all I have to show you are 5 or 6 things that you didn’t know previously, and the rest of the course is a bonus.
Some of what we will cover;
Basic maintenance of your tires, chain and sprockets, battery, cables, carburetors, etc.
Adjustment of drive chain, cables, levers, suspension and foot controls.
How to ‘boost’ a battery safely, change bulbs, check your oil, and change your oil, etc.
How to store your bike to avoid the springtime nightmare. And much more.

We will go from the tires to the brake lever, and everything in between. It is a basic course, for those who aren’t sure how to care for their motorcycles, or would just like to learn more. I don’t teach you how to do a tune-up, but you will find it interesting.
I have been teaching this course for 4 years, riding for 21 years, a licensed mechanic for 12 years, and involved in racing for 18 years. The class is relaxed, fun, and informative.
The students are allowed to laugh at me, but not each other!

The cost is only $30. The courses are usually held Wed. night starting at 7 pm at Imperial Motorcycles (www.imperialmotorcycles.com for a map).They’re committed to rider safety, and have donated the space so that I can teach it.