PSSR Trackday/School Seattle 8/25
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Thread: PSSR Trackday/School Seattle 8/25

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    PSSR Trackday/School Seattle 8/25

    Pacific Super Sport Riders will be making our annual trip to Pacific Raceway on 8/25.

    Now in our sixth year of operation, PSSR has instructors ranging from MSF rider coaches to national road race champions. Last year PSSR was asked by the BMW Owners Association to run three days of schools during the annual BMW International Rally, which was held in Spokane, Wa. Our riders range from track newbies to national caliber racers. Cost is $190 (US), including lunch.

    Info/registration @


    Dan Batz/PSSR

    Oh yeah, we also have video services. Here's a sample. I hope the link works:
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