1994 Yamaha DT-200R
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    1994 Yamaha DT-200R

    I'm upgrading to a DRZ400E, so it's time to sell my current bike.
    This bike is fully street legal and comes with registration. Due to it's engine size the insurence is dirt cheap~$400 a year. Low seat height and smooth power delivery make it really very excellent for city driving or someone new to motorcycles. The only reason I'm selling is because I moved onto the Malahat and the bike isn't built for highway cruising. I was commuting daily when I lived in the city. This bike has been nothing but reliable and always puts a smile on my face. Not currently insured, but I live beside a dirt trail so you can test it out even if you don't currently have a license. Although the bike is kickstart only, it's very easy to start and never takes more than a few kicks. I've had several friends with no riding experience step onto this bike and have no problems whatsoever riding it in the dirt.

    The Pros:
    -2-stroke engine makes for good power (30HP)
    -Frame and suspension in excellent shape
    -Disk brakes front and rear
    -Gas tank is in perfect shape and has been coated on the inside
    -New rear and decent front tire (rear non-DOT)
    -Very light weight (230Lbs wet)
    -Sproket and chain is good
    -Brand-new Pro-Taper bars
    -Brand-new Grips
    -Brand-new bark bashers (hand protectors)
    -Brand-new countershaft sprocket (lower gearing)

    The Cons:
    -The frame color Yamaha used is just on the blue side of purple
    -Might need new front pads (~$55)
    -The plastic has seen the road or some gravel
    -Has no turn signals (I used my hand-signals, cost ~$80)
    -Seat is still usable, but there are a few small tears, it's faded and it was the same color as the frame (Recovering ~$80)
    -Speedo/Odo aren't working, the cable is new so it's either the drive on the spindle or the speedo unit itself. Can probably be fixed cheaply, but I'd recommend a bicycle speedo instead. The KM when it stopped was 13,700
    -Graphics were removed

    I bought this bike a year and a few months ago and I've put maybe 1000Kms on it. I paid $2500, then spent about $350 in parts/labor. I'm asking $2400. I can get pictures hopefully this weekend.

    It looks like this but with white plastic:

    Just like this but without the Decals:

    This is what it does best:

    Also good for this:


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    Pro-tapers gone, price now $2350 and open to offers.

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    Taking offers and now in the Buy and sell.

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