i have owned said motorcycle since september 2004, and need to go to school so i can't afford anymore

1997 Honda CBR 600 F3
red, black, white (colour code RN-1)
32,000km (as of today, but weather is nice so i'm still riding!)
MVR aftermarket pipe (sounds like a dream)
minimal cosmetic damage

one accident: i put it in the ditch last october avoiding a dump truck, so some fairings are scratched. since summer work is abundant i have been replacing most of them.

this is a great bike to learn to ride on, and if you are already a confident rider, this bike does 120km/h in 2nd gear, redlines at 13,500RPM.

i also have approx $1500 worth of gear to get rid of and can throw it in with the bike

asking: $6300

please e-mail roostermacdriver@hotmail.com with any inqueries, subject: "CBR". also, pictures available.