The most dangerous part of a motorcycle is
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Thread: The most dangerous part of a motorcycle is

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    The most dangerous part of a motorcycle is

    The most dangerous part of a motorcycle is the nut that attaches the handlebars to the seat.

    What with all the rider down threads, I thought it might be worth pointing out that people die in their cars all the time around here. Yet it seems people hardly notice. I would never try to claim that bikes are not more dangerous than cars, or rather are less forgiving in any case, but the carnage is about driving anything, not just riding a bike. And I've long believed that bikes get a bad rap because they attract 19-year old males with more testosterone than common sense; if bikes werren't relatively easy to get ahold of, these same guys would likely find some other flamboyant way to get themselves and innocent bystanders killed.

    Oh wait, it's happening anyway.

    This from News 1130:
    Fatal accident in Maple Ridge
    August 12, 2005 - 5:00 am
    By: John Ackermann
    Two young men are dead and another man is in critical condition after a high speed crash in Maple Ridge. It happened last night around a 11:45 when the sports car the men were traveling in veered off Dewdney Trunk Road and cut a tree in half. The driver and the passenger were pronounced dead at the scene and the other man has been airlifted to hospital.

    Burnaby RCMP investigate deadly attack at a pool hall
    August 10, 2005 - 8:45 pm
    By: Claudia Kwan
    Burnaby Mounties confirm Lawrence Soon Lim was the man viciously beaten by a gang of men Tuiesday night at a pool hall on Hastings Street. The 19-year-old died Wednesday morning at Vancouver General Hospital. The attack happened as he was playing cards with four other friends at Top 10 Billiards. A group of armed men in masks burst in. They used golf clubs, a bat and a pool cue in the attack. Two of Lim's friends received non-life threatening injuries. Police are investigating whether this was a random attack.

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    We were discussing this.
    It used to be that most riders died because of the classic, left turning car. Most riders are now killed in single rider accidents. Have drivers and riders gotten so much better that left turn accidents don't happen as much, or have new bikes become so much better that the speeds of single bike accidents are becomming fatal?
    I'd agree that it's the rider that makes the biggest (impact) difference.

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    i think these accidents have been happening all along, its just that today we have these online forums , and better news coverage, that make us more aware of these mishaps. back in the days when my 550ltd was a cool bike, i only once knew of a fatal bike accident, the reason being was i was caught in the traffic because of it. other than that it was care free riding. as the years passed i noticed internet becoming more popular, now i know about every accident that has taken place, and its really sad... the bikes i rode back then are not as refined as the ones i ride today. i found the older bikes would not handle as well, or start letting you know, things are getting squirly as you pushed them too hard. unlike today's bikes which make even the newbiest of riders feel like heros. these bikes today are lighter, faster, and way more agile, and this is where i see the fatal problems coming into the picture. a false sense of security felt by inexperienced riders..... i am a true believer of my signature, this is what has kept me alive all these years.

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    The evolution of the machine has outpaced the evolution of the people riding them.
    duc and ape and mv to come soon

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