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    Loser (rant)

    So, I'm leaving a bar in Coquitlam last night, and this little guy (maybe 5 feet tall) walks out behind me putting on his ghey white helmet, gets on a black/yellow gixxer 1k (02 or 03). The bike is way too big for the lil' fella, he can barely hold it up, let alone his feet touch the ground.

    So... he fires it up, gets onto the road and does a few laps around the round about in front of the bar, then attempts to do a doughnut....fails.....barely does half a doughnut and almost drops his bike. Bwhahahahah!

    So, he goes around the round about again, almost dumps the bike again BAAAAHAHAHAHAHA, does a wheelie into a crowd of people barely missing them in front of the bar. I'm like WTF is with this LOSER?! He runs outta road after the gheyest standup you've ever seen and has to ride into the underground of the parkade. Two bike cops were there and they actually threw their bicycles at this idiot as he came racing back out of the underground. Man I had a good laugh on so many different levels at that. First cause the cops couldn't do anything, but also because they both hit this guys bike and I'm sure fugged up his faring pretty good.

    If this guy is a member of this site, my insight for you are a) get a bike you can actually sit on and touch the ground you fucking troll b) you have no basic riding skills c) give up on the stunts, although I must admit you're a good joke and someone to laugh at. This list could go on forever.

    By the way, I know what you look like little fella! I hope you have eyes in the side of your head because if we ever actually meet up, you'll need them. You could've killed allot of people tonight you LOSER.

    END RANT.....
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    Idiots... I'd love to simply grab, and boot-fuck anyone that pulls stupid shit like that.

    The cops 'threw' their (pedal) bikes at him? For some reason, that just doesn't sound very effective.

    There must be a better way to stop the inbred morons from peeing in the motorcycle gene pool...
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    hopefully the license plate number didn't evade the Officer's attention!

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