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    Cool Swapping Keys with a friend

    Hi all,

    I recently swapped keys with a buddy ... my SV 650S for his FZ1. A month later (today) we both switched back.

    Some impressions from me as an SV rider:

    1.) FZ1 is a very smoothe ride ... my impression of it is that it would make the ideal Police motorcycle as it is fast, agile and controlled.

    2.) The gears are tall so I found city riding a little less fun and more predictable but awesome on the highway. Gordo said to install a new sprocket which is great advice. You can short shift it ... but I think the sprocket would do the trick.

    3.) The weight was great for a passenger and the extra power of the re-tuned R1 race engine was a real change from the 70 HP V-Twin of the SV. It flies in second and third gear.

    4.) I learned to handle my throttle control, cornering and braking on a larger bike. I found it almost as easy to handle as the SV although it required more commitment in corners because of its weight.

    5.) It is hot as hell! Holy smokes does that engine give off heat in the summer. I would install a fan switch if I had kept it.

    6.) Seating position was alittle too upright for my liking ... and less sport-bikeish feel compared to the SV but man was it comfortable.

    All in all the experience was a lot of fun. Usually you have to buy a new bike in order to get the real experience of another bike and then if you don't like it ... it is really too late. You cannot get the feel for a motorcycle from a test drive if you are even allowed to test drive it! Swappiing is a great way to try out different bikes if you are both up for the experience.

    I know that a lot of guys see their bike as being their girlfriend. I just don't see bikes that way ... for me they are machines to ride and the more I get to try the better. I am really attached to the SV but I am also itching to ride the Buell Firebolt and the Honda RC51. Sadly I will have to buy one of those to try them.

    If you want to switch with a friend ... I would reccomend the following:

    1.) You sell your bike to the other person for what it is worth and insure it like you would a normal sale
    2.) You accept that they own it and do not have to switch back
    3.) No pressure to switch back unless you agree upon a date
    4.) If you switch back with any damage it gets fixed/deducted or the switch is off

    If you are willing to play by those rules ... the experience can be awesome.
    Both of us learned a lot.

    Just on a final note ... be careful when you switch back:

    When we switched back today we both almost crashed on the way out of the parking lot ...

    My buddy almost crashed because he was used to the light little SV and so he almost low sided on his first corner. I did the opposite and almost flew right off the bike because of how fast it turned and how light it was. We were both laughing our asses off when we got home.

    Anyone else got a good swap story?

    Cheers everyone,


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    So both you guys are back on your original steeds? I thought the switch was gonna permanent. Or did you agree to switch for only a month?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordopolis
    So both you guys are back on your original steeds? I thought the switch was gonna permanent. Or did you agree to switch for only a month?
    No Gordo ... it was weird ... we just both agreed we wanted our old rides back. It was just like we needed to re-align the stars...

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    I wanted the SV to get into racing and had full intentions of converting it to a race bike for next year. Compared to the FZ1, the SV is a lot lighter, has a better riding position (for racing) and has way less power which makes it much easier to learn on. I did take it down to Boundary Bay 2 times and I learned a TON! I even put a full set of frame sliders on it (6), so Phil even got something more out of the deal!

    I do want to keep the FZ1 as a street bike because I do think it still is the BEST do-all bike out there, so I'll probably pick up a full race prepped bike sometime next year.

    Phil is right, the SALE was a good swap. Had something happened to either bike, it's much easier than having to deal with being in the position of wrecking a friend's bike since it's actually your bike (I know some people on this board know about this).

    We're both happy, I have my FZ1 back which I love, I learned a LOT from riding the SV and Phil and I are still friends!


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