Any 900 Hornet riders?
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Thread: Any 900 Hornet riders?

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    Island Moose

    Any 900 Hornet riders?

    Looking for some sage advice on the 900/919 Hornet/Fazer. I found one for sale, nice all the reviews. Seems sorted, good power.

    Any thoughts?

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    Coincidentally, another user on this board who goes by Moose has one. You might want to PM him.
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    don't know if the guy is on here but I see a black 919 going to work the same way as myself every morning down Oak to downtown. I think he works in construction. Has aftermarkete mirrors on it.
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    Dude, have considered the upgrade myself, and ridden the 919 - which I understand has significant upgrades from the 900F (adjustible suspenders, more aggressive fork, etc.) One criticism of the 900F was that it was a little light on the suspension side - something I was told (by the sales staff) that was remedied in the 919.

    I test rode the 919 a few weeks ago at Carter Coquitlam - they may still have the demo. Lotta fun, bulletproof engineering, though I understand its a bit thirsty.

    Tons of info online - given the attention the bike has in europe, I suggest you check out the various sites. For me its a tight race between the 919 / FZ1 - but then they may have a new 06 FZ - so we'll see.


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    Killer Hornet

    Hornets rock

    Here is a picture of mine after lots of mods :-)

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    gotta agree, they do rock.

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    Island Moose,

    I have a the little brother, the 599. I have had no problems with it and its fun, has plenty of power. It is a also a really comfortable bike, i can easily ride 8 hours/day on it.
    The transmission shifts really nicely.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    it's yellow
    Hornets are building a following. When I got mine last year I couldn't see one. Now it seems I run in to one about every other weekend. Good site to go for info:
    for 599

    for 919

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    Island Moose
    Thanks, I've been pouing through the European sites. Sweet blue 919 Killer Hornet...if I get one I'll be asking about that street-fighter fairing.

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    Thats a little weird about the name/bike thing. Don't get it.....there can only be one Moose ridden 919!! Ha ha, no it is an awesome bike: great riding position, torquey motor, good brakes. You have to ride it pretty aggressively over rough roads in order to see the shortcommings of the suspension. I'm 200+lbs, and yes it feels "soft", but if you are smooth with your inputs and weight transfer it'll put a nice grin on your face.
    A windscreen will be a must if you plan to do alot of highway riding.
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