Ride/BBQ/Wash fundraiser 4 cheryl
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Thread: Ride/BBQ/Wash fundraiser 4 cheryl

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    gsxr dave

    Ride/BBQ/Wash fundraiser 4 cheryl

    oky i thoght i would post this on here for the people who come on here. anyways were haveing a fundraiser for cheryl the reason we are haveing this is to help her out. She has just recentley lost her husband due to cancer some of you might have heard of him his name is tom aka jaws he road with us all the time and did alote of rideing all over. so if you are planing on coming please post up so we know how many people are coming there is a 20 fee to get in but that includes food and getting your bike wash by the daytona girls.

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    When will this be or has it happened already?

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    gsxr dave
    sorry it will be this wekend on the 20th we meet at starbuck across from woodgove mall at 1100 am and than go for a short ride and than go back and wash the bikes and party if your coming for out of town there will be a place for you to stay but bry a tent if you have one just in case

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