Greatest moving sale of the year
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Thread: Greatest moving sale of the year

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    Exclamation Greatest moving sale of the year - Goes cheap now!

    Ok, boys and girls..

    Forget about your bikes for a while and improve your apartment.

    I'm selling all my furniture asap. Everythings from Ikea. Everythings as new.

    Everything must go. No reasonable offer turned down

    check the ikea catalog for pictures

    Karlanda - easychair, gobo light grey sold
    Strömstad - loveseat, lagbo natural sold
    Lack - side table, birch given away
    Granås - chairs sold
    Ingo - tablesold
    Sultan - boxspring sold
    Nattljus - mattress Queen size sold
    Bjerka - bedframe sold
    Dunö - floorlamp sold
    Non - spotlights sold

    Some plants and smaller stuff


    pm me or call 669-0075

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    here's a photo of the easychair.. mine is different color: "Gobo light gray" Very comfortable!

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    Dude, can I get some more info on that micro stereo (CD player?)

    Price, info, speakers and the like. I might be buying a CD player when I get payed next week.

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    Can you list what you would want for each item?

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    Sony CMT-RB5 micro component hi-fi system

    It has cd-player and am/fm radio and aux.
    dimensions h5, w7, d11 and speakers h10, w5,5, d8,5 each

    it has the optical output if you want to copy something on md

    continuous RMS power output 15 + 15 watts

    it's as new call me for prices

    teemu 669-0075

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    floor lamp pic

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    Are you really moving? Or do you just wann a buy a bigger bike? j/k You takin' your bike with you?

    EDIT: That's cool!! Betchya you'll get a lot of looks out there. Well good luck and have fun in Finland. Don't ba a stranger, check back once in a while on the mayhem we're causin' back here.
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    Originally posted by Bean
    Are you really moving? Or do you just wann a buy a bigger bike? j/k You takin' your bike with you?
    YEp, Bike is coming but rest is for sale.

    And no, I'm not buying a bigger bike. With the Finnish prices I couldn't even buy a 600 Anyways, my next bike is gonna be mv agusta.. so just let me now when they start selling those here and I'll come back, work for a year and take it tax free to Finland,, just like I'm doing with R6 now

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    what model is the Forum board? Bindings? Pics? Price!!???
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    Here's a picture of a Strömstad sofa. Mine is a Loveseat so it's narrower. Just imagine it without the middle part and middle pillow The Color on mine is "lagbo" natural.

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    Seriously boys and girls.. I've got less than week to get rid of it all.. Get yourself a nice piece of furniture,, cheap.

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    Sorry about not getting back to you, what do you want for the CD player? I know you said make an offer, but I'm clueless as to the value of it.

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    Ok, Unfortunately the stereos are already gone. Rest is still for sale though. Goes cheap.. I'm gonna go to bug customers at Ikea's sofa deparment tomorrow. "Like that? buy mine cheaper"

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    when can i come take a look at your stuff?? where are you located??

    can you please post an asking price for the stuff that's left?

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    how many granas chairs do you have?
    gimme a price.

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