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Thread: best road to comox

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    best road to comox

    Hey, i'll be going from duke point to comox later today and was wondering what is the most enjoyable road to get there. Somebody suggested the old island highway but others told me there is too many traffic lights??? Thanks in advance.

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    Send a PM to racer62, alstare or taters who all live in that area, or contact one of the other locals at I'm sure they'd have lots of good suggestions.

    The old Island Highway should be avoided through Nanaimo, but you can get on it after Qualicum, where it starts to get interesting. In the old days, it was the only route so traffic was always heavy, but now that most people use the new inland island highway (fast, but straight and boring), the older route isn't nearly as crowded.
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    Yeah, 19A. Lots of traffic this season, but much better scenery than the new freeway. If you have time, scoot over to Cathedral Grove on the road to Port Alberni. Heavy traffic, but a nice ride if you have the time.
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