after market fiberglass upper farring [complete assembly]
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Thread: after market fiberglass upper farring [complete assembly]

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    after market fiberglass upper farring [complete assembly]

    any one had any experience with after market fiberglass upper farrings? it is for an f2 cbr 600, but any bike experience would help. do they usually fit snuggly? this set is the left, right and center complete with drilled mountings and mounting bolts [all hardware included]. sounds good, 300 US from a company in ohio over ebay. company is cycle therapy. they have tons of parts up on ebay, over 85 so far.

    this sound like a good deal? good company [has good reviews]? im going to keep my other parts as a spare and eventually get them welded if possible...

    also, wind screens...need a new one, any recommendations for a 94 f2 600? found a tinted one in australia, but how does factory tinting on plastic hold up in our weather?

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    totally depends on the brand. could be great, could be shit. fitment and all depends on the brand as well.

    windscreens, why australia? someone local or the internet will have puig (the best) or lockhart phillips (ok) or something similar without the enormous shipping price

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