Lining the air intake tubes, and the airbox
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Thread: Lining the air intake tubes, and the airbox

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    Lining the air intake tubes, and the airbox

    Since I'm new to this, need some help....

    I've got the header wrap, and fairing taken care of. Have the front sprocket covered (have the material to line/insulate, just need to do the work).

    Now for the air intake tubes and the airbox.

    Really not sure what/how to do this.

    What material would I use and where would it go?

    My concern is that I'm going to 'starve' the intake, so need to do this properly.

    Any input is appreciated. Visuals are better if you have pics.....

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    I think the main thing is to line the outside rather than the inside, where something could come loose and plug the intake.
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