I want one of these helmets...
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Thread: I want one of these helmets...

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    I want one of these helmets...

    It's too bad they're 1450 Euros.



    SportIntegral Carbon

    Seamless helmet shell with 5 layers of carbon fibre and aramide;
    Weight under 1000 grams;
    Two-dimensional, scratch-resistant antifog visor with high optical quality;
    Attachment pins for tear offs;
    Extreme resistance to aerodynamic lift and excellent directional stability;
    Effective climate control with maximum air flow and low pressure ventilation;
    Segmented EPS inner shell with optimised damping properties;
    DuPont Coolmax® interior fitting, removable and washable;
    Broadly cut rear helmet edge for extreme sports use;
    Chin spoiler;
    Chin strap with double D fastener;
    Safety bonus due to neck band;
    Fulfils ECE 22.05 norm.
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    Ahhh I think I would have to see the helmet in person first, cause the pics make it look fugly
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    Sweet..... I like how it is so light...

    Weighed my RX7 and RF1000 and they are 1.4+ & 1.6+ KGs. That is easily 35% lighter!!! But seriously, 3Gs for that is too much, I will rather get another 2 X11s and a RX7 for that money.

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    Looks rather expensive
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    Beautiful, but wayyy too pricey for this boy.
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    I'll take two.............

    Right after I win the Lotto 649

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