Where'd my keys go?
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Thread: Where'd my keys go?

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    Where'd my keys go?

    So the other day I was at my Buddy's house just chillin you know, same old. When It came Time to leave I went downstairs and out on the driveway to my GsX-R (Hence this forum). That's When I noticed I had left my keys back upstairs on the thrid Floor. Well My friend was at the window so I yelled to him, "Hey I Need my keys". Since a neighbor was noisily mowing the lawn My Friend couldn't hear me. He responded "What?". I Said "I said I Need my KEYS!!".The Idiot is like "WHAT?". I I thought I would try sign language. I Pointed To my eye for ('I') Then to my Knee for ('Need') Then I did a twisting motion with my hand to signal ('Key's). The Idiot's Like "WHAT?". I signaled again this time yelling the words out at the top of my lungs while signaling. Finally He Smiled and nodded. I'm Like Finally he gets it. Then He Proceeded to Pull Down his pants and start jacking Off Right there In plan View of neighborhood. I was Like 'what the hell?' so after some initial hesitation and reasoning as to whether or not to walk home I went up stairs. When I arrived he was still going at it. I ran up to him and smacked him In the back of the head and saying "The Hell you doing? I asked you for my keys!!" He responded "I Know!, I was signalling back that I was 'coming!!"' ;p

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    yuppppp....i remember this back in the days...awesome!!!!!!!1
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