Bike started to backfire?
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Thread: Bike started to backfire?

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    Bike started to backfire?

    my bike just started to backfire over the last few weeks

    now its almost felt like it wasnt running perfect for the last month or so, kinda felt like it needed a tune up..
    then earlier in the week i was on my way to work and it really started diying almost like what it feels like when you run out of gas.. then it backfired a few times.. my tach bounced way up to redline a few times and stalled

    i let it sit for a couple of mins and then fired it up again and seem to be fine.. so i drove to work.. and since then its had one backfire maybe every 50Km or so..

    i changed my plugs to some iridium plugs, the old ones looked fine.. whats my next step?

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    could be your timing's a lil off, maybe your bike's runnin too lean, need to repack your exhaust, who knows? ask TeeTee, he knows everything

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