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Thread: Tick / Low Rev Problems

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    Tick / Low Rev Problems

    I took my bike for a ride today, and everything was great. Half way through the ride, I noticed inbetween 1500rpm - 3000rpm, the bike was really chatty sounding, and was kind of low on performance in the revs (I know there is no power at that point, but this was different). It would sort of lag, make some chatty noise, and as I brought it into the powerband, it would stop and sound normal. It also has a small "tick" sound on the left side, near the middle of the bike when it's sitting in neutral, with the choke on or off.

    I know its time for a valve adjust (going to 5thgear when I get back from Ontario), but could there be anything else wrong ? Or is it just my valves needing some tinkering ???

    Also, I can start my bike up and basically immediately take off the choke without it stalling, is it just the bike idling too high ? I know they should have to warm up a few minutes before removing the choke, But I can do it after 30 seconds... perhaps this ties in with the low-coolant problem ? (Getting fixed as soon as a shop is open )
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    the noise is probably the cct,it happens.as for the no choke,it could be on the rich side of adjustment(fuel screws etc..)so it may not need the choke as much.

    get bill to take a look.

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