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    Visiting Julia's site

    We were driving west on hwy 1 rounding the corner at American creek when 3 guys were walking across the hwy....the first guy got half way across the right lane and stopped to view the site not even looking up and seeing buddy had to slam on the brakes and swerv to miss him and go between the other 2 guys...i saw the guys on our left give us the wtf look....but hey your in the middle of a 4 lane hwy...I know it gets emotional... to go there but now that I have a passengers point of view in a cage....when we came around the corner there wasn't alot of road in front of us to see anyone on the hwy at that point...keep in mind were travelling at 120 k and don't expect to see people walking around in the middle of a forr everyone that goes there please watch out for cars and keep safe... you are very hard to see....

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    It would be an absolute travesty to add a second cross on that site.....

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    It is a very dangerous spot. the wind alone kicked up by passing semi trucks is enough to throw you of balance when by the memorial site. just pull off to one of the side streets on either side to park first.

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    Hmmmm.... I wonder if it's the same three guys that were arriving as I was leaving.

    Just as I was putting some flowers on the cross last night, I saw three sportbike riders go past heading west. After I crossed the road, and started to get back on my bike, the riders pulled up behind me (on the eastbound side). I talked to them briefly, then did as safe a U-turn as possible, and rode home.

    Normally I park at the road nearby and walk, but I was pressed for time, so I parked a little ways before the shoulder ends. There was still enough room to see traffic in advance, but I will probably park a little further up the road next time.
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