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    Question EX500 tires

    This is probably the first of many, many questions....:

    Need to get new tires soon, and have discovered that I understand absolutly nothing about tires. The Haynes book states that the requiered tires are:

    110/90-16 54H (Front)
    120/90-16 63H (Rear)

    What do these numbers/letters mean? Does this mean that there are only two tires that can fit on the bike? Do different companies matter? etc., etc., etc.....

    There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

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    Those are the sizes of the tires that fit, which can be supplied by many companies.

    Tires come in different brands, and even tires from the same brand can have
    different characteristics. Some have more grip, but don't last as long, some are
    really long distance tires, but you have to give up some grip. Others are outstanding
    in wet conditions, maybe not so good in the dry. Some make the bike feel much
    more stable in different conditions.

    Manufacturers usually put on crappy, cheap, tires that do none of the above
    exceedingly well.
    Choosing new tires can be a good upgrade. For an extra $50 over the price of
    a bargain-basement
    type tire you can move up to a good premium type that will make a world of difference.

    Google will be your friend, and any EX500 users groups you can find, they'll have
    much more experience with different tires on that model of bike.

    Go look at the sides of the tires you have now, they'll have numbers like the ones
    above on them. You can sometimes move a size or two off from recommended
    sizes, but it will have tradeoffs in handling. And be careful, there were different
    models of the EX500 sold over the years, with different tire sizes.

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    110/90-16 54H (Front)

    110 is the cm width of the tire
    90 is the % ratio of the width, in this case it the sidewall is 99cm
    16 is your rim size
    H is the tire max speed rating

    For the EX500, 110 in the front and 130 in the rear is the most common.

    The EX500 also is bias ply, up to you whether you roll the dice on using radials.

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    What he said, except the width is given in mm, not cm.

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