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    Unhappy Carb-body leak

    I got my bike's 10,000km service done at Burnaby Kawasaki like almost a month ago...they said i have a carb body leak and thats y my bike dont accelerate away from standing'll be expincive to repair.. around 1k...The problem is that from standing stop to first moving..the bike barely moves until it gets to around 5Krpm...and than it starts giving power in bursts....and around 7krpm the powerband smoothens out and than i m moving pretty g00d....but like when i give gas from idle..instead of the rpm's goin up ..they first go down than go like wtfff cm0n...for the first 100 meters..the bike's like a turtle..than after that it's g00d.

    My bike is 87 Kawasaki 250R and it has 27K kms no it
    i dont have 1k kinda money to spend on the bike...dunn0 wut to do... the mechanic said ...ride it the way it is..and just make sure there's not a huge amounta gas leaking out of carb ..otherthan that its fine.

    i was just thinking of a rebuild...for a 250cc bike 87..rebuild carb and engine ..or either one
    how much would it roughly cost...
    summer's pretty much over and i mite(if things go well...they never do) buy a brand new bike..or ima have to stik with this bike next yr i want this bike running good..

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    hmm,carb body leak,1000 bucks,even if they put on new carbs it wont be that much,sounds odd anyhow,get a second opinion,if its going to be a chunk of cash,just to be safe.

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    will do..thx ...the bike itself's like worth around 1500...
    its been acting pretty werid today too..wouldnt start, took me forever..and than when it did produced no power..
    just being annoying..missed another great day of riding ..anywayz..thx for advice

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    have you tried finding the air leak yourself, use a little soapy water to locate it, maybe you can get the crack filled or welded or otherwise repaired.. instead of shelling out a lot of money on an older bike..
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