the government finally came through for me
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Thread: the government finally came through for me

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    Wink the government finally came through for me

    Its been over a year since I was attacked by five guys in a parking lot, I suffered a ruptured spleen for my trouble and lost 2 weeks worth of pay, which to this day has hurt my finacial stabilty.

    Well today I got a letter from Victim services and they have approved my claim so I'll be getting most of what I lost in wages back.....FINALLY. I can now start actually makin a dent in my debt.

    Just thought I'd post cuz I'm real happy about this, and its been along time since I've recieved good news from the Gov
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    Congradulations; but I have one thing to say, if two weeks without pay has affected your financial stability over a year later, something is wrong. I suggest you get the book "The Wealthy Barber", it's a good book, pretty cheesy, but it definitely helps.

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    Glad to hear things are moving along better for you.
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