Yet another speeding ticket question - a quandry
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Thread: Yet another speeding ticket question - a quandry

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    Yet another speeding ticket question - a quandry

    So I get a speeding ticket just out side of Nakusp, on the way to Nelson.

    I'm riding just ahead of a friend, doing about 90 in a 90 zone. I come around a left hand turn and I notice a police cruiser coming out of his own left hand turn about 600 meters ahead, travelling opposite my direction. I check my speed and verify that I wasn't speeding but instinctually I hit my brakes and slow it down to 80. I pass the cop and he of course pulls a U-turn and pulls both of us over.

    He claims that he got me on radar doing 119 kph but he can't prove that my friend was speeding, although he suspects he was as he was travelling with me. He tells me that I'm getting the ticket but he's letting my friend off the hook as I was leading.

    I tell the cop that with all due respect, I wasn't speeding and I don't understand how he could have got that radar reading, especially that there was a vehicle (a pickup truck) between me and his cruiser. He tells me that he doesn't make the numbers up and gives me a ticket for 20km over the limit ($196).

    I want to fight the ticket but since Nakusp is over 500km from my home, it's extremely impracticle for me to travel all the way there for a court date.

    How successful do you think it is to fight a ticket by mail? Any experience with doing this?

    Also, my stratedgy for fighting this ticket is claiming that the radar reading couldn't have been my vehicle as I was a smaller radar reflection than the pick up that was obscuring the direct line of sight between our vehicles for the first few seconds that I was encountered. Also, my friend is planning on writing a witness statement that he was travelling at the same speed as me and that he can verify that we were not speeding.

    Any other stratedgies that you'd recommend?

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    dispute it. delay it. delay it again. then see if the cop is still at that detatchment in court a year and a half later.

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    adam with the luck we're having with cops- sounds like yours is a bit worse than mine- that sucks, do they really hate bikes that much?! one of my buddies diputed a ticket he got through the mail, he was living in ottawa at the time and the ticket was from out here, the courts basically just pushed the dates farther and farther back until he moved back home... guess you'll just have to plan a group ride so we can all go dispute with you!
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