how long will this take?
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Thread: how long will this take?

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    how long will this take?

    I get a kick...
    I wonder how long it will take for this thread to get closed..
    But any time MSPEED Ooooooooooo i said the word..
    is menchoned about the Bad thing that they did.. certain administrators..
    Like the GF or good buddy of the owner will close the therad and it sinks into the abiss...
    Warnings about roads are annoounced and ahole dirvers but we cna menchon the BAD FUCKING THING MSPEED did?
    Why are we not allowed to say anything?
    afraid of the truth?
    I know if my thing is no longer arround I have a good idea where to find it..
    And if your thing is missing you may know where to find it..
    you don't change over night

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    - unknown
    Longer then it takes you to see the 2 similar threads posted already
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    About 13 minutes, please refer to thread already started about this topic.

    You are allowed to say all you want, but like many threads started about the same topic we close them or merge them.

    Thanks for coming out.

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