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    Dunlop D207

    is this a good tire? is this tire on the higher end or lower end of the performance scale for dunlop? if anyone can suggest a good website it would be greatly appreciated. i'm riding on bridgestone battalax bt014's right now... i like them. just want to make sure i'm not making a move down in performance quality.

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    i say the 14's are better,a newer tire.there available pretty cheap to.

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    BCSB Search

    If you had done a BCSB Search, you would have found:

    Good luck with choosing your new tires, I like my Michelin Pilot Powers.
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    D207 is likely very old stock. The '207 was replaced by the D208 about 3 years ago. In it's day it was a decent tire and was top of the roost when it first was introduced. But many other better options are out there now and as these would be very old I would not recomend you put them on a sportbike that will be ridden in a sporty manner.
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    i switched from my 207's to my michelen powers (Y)-very happy with the result
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