What's in your 'gear collection' ?
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Thread: What's in your 'gear collection' ?

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    I wish.

    What's in your 'gear collection' ?

    I know I sorta of asked this about leathers, but I figured it might be useful to know what everyone owns to ask for some opinions on products..

    I don't personally own much yet, and I'll be buying a new leather jacket and a suit shortly.

    My List
    Dainese Univers Textile Jacket
    Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon Gloves
    Arai Signet/GT Helmet
    Sidi Vertebre2 Boots
    HJC Helmet (forgot the model, it's the wife's)
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    Shoei RF-900 Chicane Purple helmet (more blue in my opinion)
    Teknic Silverstone Jacket
    Teknic Chicane gloves
    Tourmaster 1 piece suit (water proof and cold proof, this thing saved my ass this winter )
    Frank Thomas (can't remember the model) boots. Lots of protection, only thing lacking is toe sliders.

    Next on my list is a good pair of riding pants (any recomendations anyone?) , a new helmet to match my bike and a 1 piece suit.

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    Naked SV
    OK, I will bite.

    Arai Quatum f
    Teknic Violator II gloves
    Draggin Cargo's
    JR Meteor Jacket
    cheap raingear

    B-r-a-d-l-e-y...Why? Because I'm Bradley!


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    Shoei TZ1 and Xspeed helmets
    Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket and Pants
    Teknic Silverstone LEathers
    Teknic Violator 2 gloves
    Teknic other gloves
    Styl Martin boots (the basic ones at BK)
    Joe Rocket Back Protector

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    resident monkey boy Array thr1's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
    now in riding hell... AKA Calgary
    '07 Aprilia RSV1000R
    What I Have
    Spyke 1pc
    Dainese gloves
    Belstaff Avalon textile
    HJC CL12 lid

    Coming Soon
    sidi vert2
    back protecter
    new helmet(not sure which yet)
    Dainese gloves with the carbon knuckles

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    moving pylon Array bl1tz's Avatar
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    i need a new bike.
    Arai Quantun something... nakano rep?
    Roof Boxer helmet... for the passengers... flip-up type
    Blue Belstaff Avalon textile jacket
    RS Taichi -blast evo warp 1piece leathers
    -got the matching gloves
    Technic gloves
    Styl Martin boots
    Joe Rocket back protector

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    Registered User Array Ryan R's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
    White Rock
    2003 GSX-R 1000
    Technic jacket
    Technic Carbon gloves
    HJC CL-12 Lid
    Alpine star boots
    "Life is like a book. If you have not travelled, then you have only read one page."

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    Shoei ZII slash helmet
    Spidi Falcon 2 Piece leather
    Alpinestars SP2 gloves

    Looking to get Sidi vert boots...anyone have them?...how do they fit?

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    Vancouver, BC
    Suzuki AN650K5
    Nolan N100 Classic helmet
    OGK FF3 helmet
    Nankai SDW-820 all season waterproof jacket + pant
    Spyke KC1 2pcs leather suit
    Kushitani K-2006 riding jacket
    Elf EL-203 riding jacket
    Dainese Safty Jacket 20
    Komine GK355 carbon protection glove
    HJC carbon protection glove
    FirstGear Voyager waterproof glove
    Sidi Vertebra 2 boot
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    Sho'Nuff! Array F4i's Avatar
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    Burnaby, BC
    2001 F4i
    Joe Rocket Highside 2pc leather
    Arai Quantum f
    Belstaff gloves

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    I'm back Array Quasi's Avatar
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    2014 FZ-09
    Belstaff Textile Jacket
    HJC AC10 Helmet
    Rhyno Gloves
    Gaerne Boots
    Oh and I gota include my thin long john type things you would wear well skiing or snowboarding, keep me extra warm.

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