carter hond are full of BS
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Thread: carter hond are full of BS

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    too many

    carter hond are full of BS

    I find the ads at buy&sell, that carter take in cars trade for bikes.
    fxxx I take my car there and they are fxxx of shiiitttt.
    I told them striaght out lets make deal with no bs. guest what happen.
    they fxxk use msrp price on the demo bike and write the fxxk contract up....
    is that how they fxxk do business. demo bike with full msrp price to start the deal ???
    fxxx asshole, I purchase two bike from them back in 02
    those new sales person just so fxxx up, and manage too.....
    now with season winding down, they kiss they two deal good bye.
    Thats all i have to said. those fxxk should be oout of business.

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    Boooo fxxx-ing hooo.
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    nice vocabulary, even without the XXX's it hardly makes sense

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