Advanced Rider Training (ART) at the Flying Swan: Aug 30th
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Thread: Advanced Rider Training (ART) at the Flying Swan: Aug 30th

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    1985 Kawi GPZ900

    Back in the saddle again

    hi folks,

    i recently picked up (or successfully won an ebay auction) on a 1985 A2 Kawasaki GPZ900.

    it was fun (and frustrating!) to remove the carbs, disassemble them, clean them, replace them, change the oil and filter, top up the coolant, put air in the tires and have a bike again after 20 years!

    i got her insured and on the road yesterday!

    my first bike was a 70s Suzuki GS650G shaftie. my 3 friends and i rode our bikes to disneyland back in the early/mid 80s. that was fun (and luckily i didn't crash when i was feeling sleepy on the bike.)

    i rode her around town yesterday to get some miles and road/riding saavy. any words of wisdom or riding buddies is always appreciated.

    now to find her a name.

    ps. sorry, i moved the ART info to the EVENTS forum. look over there for that info.

    be safe,
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