I'm trying to set up a group buy for some reinforced case covers from Circuit1. (www.circuit1.com)

These covers not only look trick but they may save your engine. They're designed to replace the stock engine cover(s) and are made from Billet Aluminum (much much stronger than your stock cast part). If you ever drop your bike these covers could be the differance between walking home and riding home. Some race tracks/governing bodies actually require these installed as part of bike prep.

In my case I need one of these bad boys because I've already cracked my engine block on my 929 (they're NOTORIOUS for this issue) when I dropped it on the left side and then cracked the cover on another occasion.

No more pitches for me, they're a good investment (kinda like sliders) and here's your oppertunity to get one a little cheaper.

The initial discount will start at 10% but if we get 5+ buyers then I can get it even cheaper.

If you're interested, please PM me with a phone number AND email.

Adam Roseneck

P.S. If there's anything else from these guys that interests you I'm sure we can include it at said discount