1980 Suzuki gs1000g for sale
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Thread: 1980 Suzuki gs1000g for sale

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    beemer guy

    1980 Suzuki gs1000g for sale

    Sport/touring machine. Reached vintage birthday in May of this year (much cheaper insurance). Has original 1980 equipment (to qualify for vintage status). Bike is in excellent shape, runs beautifully, starts immediately. Electrics, battery and charging system are in excellent shape.

    Includes the following: original Krauser hardbags and topbox (with backrest), last generation WindJammer fairing (built-in turn signals) with lowers, light duty Plexiglas commuter windshield, and extra custom seat for shorter riders.

    General gs1000g info at: www.suzukicycles.org/GS-series/GS1000G.shtml

    Bike has slightly different markings than in photo below.

    Asking $2,850
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