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    Radar Trap

    I got caught in a Radar Trap the other day.I come over the top of a hill going waaaaaaay to fast and "bam" he nailed me.I said "gee officer I`m really late for work,is there any way you could gimme a break"He said "No".As he wrote up the ticket he asked what I do for a living.I said "I`m a rectum stretcher"."And what does a rectum stretcher do?"He asked.I said "Well first I lube one finger and slide it into the rectum and then I lube the other finger,and so on and so on,till all my fingers are in it.Then I start to pull till eventually it is 6 feet wide"The cop looked at me in disbelief,"And what do you do with a six foot rectum?"He exclaimed.I replied"give it a radar gun and put it on the top of a hill".
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