Most idiotic post I have read......
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Thread: Most idiotic post I have read......

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    Most idiotic post I have read......

    Was browsing around in the Ducati forums and was shocked to see this...


    Subject 749/999 Operating Cost Rant - I HATE IT Reply

    Posted by migz123 (enthusiast)
    Posted on 08/18/05 01:25 PM
    From IP

    In SoCal, where I live, the dealers charge about $700+ for doing the periodic 6k mi service on my bike. I have found another place, non-dealership that will charge a bit over $500 for the same (former licensed Duc mechanics).

    I was thinking about maybe spending that $500 or $700 on education and buying the necessary materials and tools to do the servicing myself. I can do all the basic stuff, but just like most anyone in my situation, its really the vavle adjustment thats got me stumped...

    Does anyone out there know what course of action I should take at this point, if I have decided that I want to do the servicing myself?

    [begin rant]

    Although I was aware of the costs of maintenance when I bought the Duc .... now that I own it, I hate having to "conserve miles" because of dreading the expense of maintenance.... I want to ride it a lot more than I originally intended, now I just hate that part about the Duc .... I wish the Valve Adjustments where something that was due in longer intervals like 12k miles.... then I wouldn't have to worry so much.

    I just want to ride my bike without worrying about the mileage I add to it everytime I use it.

    If you don't do any servicing yourself and you ride 6k miles per year (that's about the national average), your total OPERATING cost on a Duc 749/99 is over $2,000/year. Count it. And that's if you only pay $300/yr insurance.

    $2000+ per year : I wonder if anyone would even buy a Duc if the salesmen put it that way.

    Then add the upgrades you want to put on because you don't want your Duc to look like everyone else's. Then your gear. Then this, and that. What happened to just having a motorcycle for a few thousand bucks?

    Now that just sucks ass. I hate having to conserve miles and avoid riding my Duc because it's a money junkie.

    Maybe I should just make it a learning experience you know, learn how to maintain it myself .... and that way, it can make my ownership a more pleasant and fulfilling experience.... in addition to the pleasure of rding...

    That way I can justify the cost. Coz the pleasure of riding a Duc and the bike's pretty looks just isn't cutting it right now.

    [end rant]


    I know that $700 is a lot of money and I can feel this guy's pain.

    HOWEVER, if you can't afford to pay the price to own/operate/maintain a 749/999 then WHY ARE YOU RIDING ONE??? And HOW THE HELL do you even think of owning/running a 749/999 for a few thousand bucks?????!!!??? You can't even buy/run a new Jap 600 with "A few thousand bucks"

    This is so wrong, it is like hearing a F430/Gallardo/911 Driver saying: Shit, it cost $120 to fill the tank and it only last for 300kms!! or Shit, my brake pads are worn out and it is gonna cost me $2000 to replace them (F360)!!

    I mean, if you can't afford it, stop being a poser and get a bike within your budget!!! Buying one of the most expensive bikes there is and ranting about operational cost just make you sound like a complete IDIOTIC LOOSER.

    One fine day, when I manage to buy a Ferrari I am going to learn how to service it and maintain it cause sending it to the Ferrari mechanics is just WAY too costly and that take the pleasure out of driving the car, it is the only way I can justify owning it cause the Beauty of the car and the pleasure of driving it is not cutting it....

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    Wow, low interest rates. I can borrow money for almost nothing..
    I'm gonna buy a harly and a hummer, and a huge house.. and a jet plane and...

    What, is this guy an 17 year old McWorker?

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    nothing like ranting about a rant.....

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    Don't buy a motorcycle if you can't afford the maintenace and and stuff. The person ranting obviously bought the Duc with both eyes close to the other cost of running the bike. C'est la vie.
    A bad day of riding is, still better than a good day of work.

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    Gotta pay to play my friend

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    While I don't think this is the "Most idiotic post I have ever read", I do see the sense of irony that it suddenly dawned on this Ducati owner that it's frickin' expensive to own one, even after the bike is paid for.

    But I still feel for the guy.

    I've owned several Ducatis but no longer because I share the feeling that operating one is in the end, purposterously expensive when compared to owning other brands. I also feel that Ducati no longer corners the market on exclusivity and performance; which is what you were paying for 10 years ago.

    I feel for the guy because he likes to ride A LOT, just like me and he's realizing he made a poor choice on brand because of this, even if he does have the disposable income to throw at Ducati maintanance, in my opinion a $700US valve adjustment every 3000 miles or so is getting soaked, especially considering where Ducati is at these days in the motorcycle market.

    I don't want Ducati guys to get their back up over this post. As I mentioned, I've owned many Ducs in the past, but Ducs are not Porches and they're not Ferraris, hence I don't think they justify the inflated service prices, especially when it comes to basic maintanance.

    But I agree with what's been said with some of the above posts... the guy needs to buy himself a Jap bike.

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    How about, "How do you get onto the sidewalk?"

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    How about:

    "Do you tuck your pants into your boots?"
    "I was in a parking lot and people looked at me"
    "I called 911 coz i stalled my bike"

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    I think the cost of servicing the desmo, as much as the price of entry, is what keeps Ducs fairly exclusive.

    If they would get off their desmo high-horse and join the rest of the world in using springs to close their valves, I would actually consider a Monster. But no way in frickin' hell am I going to pay that kind of $$ to keep it in running order.

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    Five minutes of googling or thumbing through bike mag articles before he bought the bike would've alerted this guy about Ducati's expensive valve-adjustment service.
    "When in doubt, FLAT OUT!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusilli Jerry
    nothing like ranting about a rant.....
    Hee hee, it is more like dissing this complete looser....

    Likely a kid/punk with $500 or no money down financing it to the brim with 4-5 credit cards rolled over each other to make monthly payments and hoping that it will cost "scooter" money to maintain it. Now starts bitchin about the service cause it is costing him a WHOPPING 2000 to run a year.. (yeah right, my insurance alone is more than that.)

    Well, I am not making 2000 sound small but rather, no point showing off with a shiny new 749/999 then weep about the high running cost....

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    Maybe he wasn't fully aware of the expense of owning a Duc. I bought a Supra without doing my due diligence and was shocked to find out that I could have owned a Porsche (944) for about the same cost as the Supra. Live and learn.

    Hell of a fun car though. No regrets.
    I have two Hondas. Can I breed them?

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    Are all Duc's that expensive to run? I like the sport classics and was thinking about trading in the VFR for something less practical.
    I can afford to pay more... but that doesn't mean I want to be gouged.

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    i guess it all depends on how you look at it.most are complaining but add up all the costs maint,tires etc.the watercooled bikes could be $700-1000 for the 10,000 km service,the exact price will depend on if the valves do need adjustment and if you do keep up the bike(do you take care of your ride or do you need a dealer to adjust your chain?).as for me ,it's a fair trade off as the bike pays me back every time i ride.that said i also ride 10,000 km a season,if it was lots more maybe i would want something less $$$$

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    It's red and Italian, what more does he want??? If he's looking for practicality and value he should have bought a Toyota Corolla instead.

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