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    Ferry Fuel Surcharge


    To whom it may concern,

    I was looking for further clarification as to why or how the decision was made to lump Motorcycles in with the rest of the vehicles for the fuel surcharge.

    As it stands right now I am paying :

    $10.50 + $0.35 for myself

    $17.50-18.50 + $1.35 for the Motorcycle

    A single passenger in a undersized vehicle is Paying:

    $10.50 + $0.35 for person

    $34.75-$36.75 + $1.35 for the Vehicle

    Now I am aware that on average you are fitting 3 motorcycles into the same space a car.
    The average weight of a motorcycle falls into the 600 lbs category while a car would fall under the 3000 lbs category.

    From these two basic calculations it would seem reasonable that the Fuel Surcharge for the Motorcycle should be equal to 1/3 of the Undersized Vehicle Rate of $1.35 on the Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay route.

    In coming to this conclusion I have also brought up the question as to how you came to the motorcycle base rate as it is not 1/3 of the undersized vehicle base rate...

    Your response is appreciated and will be posted along with this E-mail on all available Motorcycle forums.

    Graeme Anderson

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    Based on the estimated 1000.00 you spent on fuel in the past four weeks, you can't even afford to board the ferry at all.. LOL

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    You're talking about the same corporation that pays concession workers and ticket booth workers $20/hr (and that's still not enough for them).
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    Hello BCSB!

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    OK guys i have attached the Ferry email address, the least you can do is Cut and Paste my letter, add you name and email it to them. Hopefully it will force them into doing something.

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    Call my crazy but I don't see the beef. You should be happy there not charging you the full undersize rate and be thankful you don't have to wait in line because most services like a tollbooth or a parking lot will give you zero breaks even if you do take up less space and are smaller. Anyway thats just my opinion, feel free to let yours be known to the ferry people but unless it's hurting there bottom line I don't really think they'll be to responsive.
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    I agree with you Sixgill. Ferries is usually consistent in the way they prorate bikes to cars. Bikes most often go into spaces cars cannot go, so they often do not take up car spaces on cars and certainly not on the ferry that I use.

    Petitioning is probably one of the better ways to do this or getting BCCOM to go after ferries as they have established a relationship with them in terms of negotiating appropriate fares for bikes.

    Hindsight is 20/20 but BCCOM should have been after them before the fares went into effect as we knew the fares weeks in advance of their implementation

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