Complete Tom Sizemore Sex Tape REVIEW!!! very funny
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Thread: Complete Tom Sizemore Sex Tape REVIEW!!! very funny

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    Complete Tom Sizemore Sex Tape REVIEW!!! very funny

    With the release of his celebrity sex-tape - and barring a future murder rap - Sizemore's very visible circle of immolation has been completed. Tom's XXX consists of three of Sizemore's escapades with working girls divided needlessly into eight "scenes." The total footage is just under an hour in length and alternates back and forth between embarrassing sex footage during which Sizemore bemoans his flaccid penis and Sizemore's ridiculous egotistical monkeyshines for the camera. At one point Sizemore, dressed in bicyclist's gear with a toque on his head, wields a two foot long rubber dildo and literally whines that the two prostitutes (who are cleaning up a hotel lamp and bottle of wine he knocked over) are not paying attention to his antics. Sizemore is drunk, stoned, and breathtakingly stupid throughout the entire video....cont...

    here is the link to the review

    *oh its not as funny as the gangbang write up but this is pretty good..
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    ...sigh, another thread started by our resident evil-doer.


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    this isnt bling.........its the real thing

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