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    bike stalled

    i was on marine drive just comming off the bridge. as i was comming to my turn off at the next light, my bike started to bogg then just stalled, while i was going about 60 kms. good thing it was not far from the light, so i could push the bike to somewhere safe. mind u this was at 4:15AM. had to call a buddy to come help me...but im trying to figure out why it stalled, and right after i stalled, the bike wouldn't turn on right away. i had enough gas in the tank.

    after 15-20 mins of figuring out what went wrong, my buddy just kept trying to start the bike up again, but the ignition would not turn over, and start we kept going at it, and finally it gave some kinda live, so gave it more throttle, and finally it started up again.

    anyone know what could have happened? is it something worth getting checked out??

    it wasn't that i was out of gas..wasn't cuz my battery was dead....
    could it be my ignition wires or something?????
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    1. bad gas or look for specks of rust in tank
    2. ignition wires
    3. electrical system trouble shoot all of it
    4. Look for heated areas of the bike for melted wires

    I had a 89 gsxr that shorted a wire at the fork area everytime i turned the front left, the frayed area that was so minute it shorted the whole bike made it backfire /ran really rich and would not start. I was in the dark had to push it 25 blocks home and then found the fray. Wrapped the wire and it was fine.. So many things to overlook on this kinda subject. No one is going to tell you the problem you are going to be busy. But i would say its electrical 100%

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