I recently lost the screw, washer, insulators, spacer from my carbon fiber heat shield. It's the heat shield by your right leg which bolts onto the exhaust pipe. I have one of the screws but have totally lost the other set of hardware to hold it on. Well I got ahold of replacement hardware from RMS. I ordered two sets. But when it came in, the hardware came in packs of 10s and 5s, RMS didn't know this till it came in, and no one told me. So they gave me all the hardware at cost. So I have all this extra hardware now.

So I'm wondering if anyone is intersted in some spare sets of hardware for there leg heatshield. So they don't have to go through the hassle of ordering 5-10 sets. From RMS I think it worked out to about ~$17 a set. I think at cost I got it for about $12.05 a set. Two sets hold on 1 heat sheild. You can test fit them on your bike to make sure they fit. I'll probably have 7-8 sets extra (going to keep an extra set or two, so I don't have problems in the future).

Please PM me if you are interested.