What video camera to buy ?
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Thread: What video camera to buy ?

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    What video camera to buy ?

    My girlfriend is looking to buy a new video camera for around 600$ - 700$ , one that you can take still pictures with, I guess it's better if you can take the still pictures on a separate memory card. Anyway do you guys know of one that would be good for movies and good for pictures aswell , and where is the best price ? What should we look for when buying a video camera ?

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    I have a Canon ZR80 camcorder. It is a year old, and is on the lower end of mini DV cameras I guess, but it works great. It doesnt take pictures, but I have heard that they dont take very good pictures anyway. You want a camcorder for movies, and a digital camera for stills.
    Get Mini DV at least. I see some of the newer ones have hardrives on em , which sounds like a good idea. But they are a little more than the 600-700 price range , by the look of it. As far as where to get one? Look at future shop, or Best Buy (same place really). I think Cyberpinky works at A&B sound...maybe he could get you a good deal one?

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