jesus christ bill one psycho BIKE
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Thread: jesus christ bill one psycho BIKE

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    Holy crappola! There's a TON of money and time in that bike. Not only the supercharger but the wheels as well. It's a shaft drive bike that never came with the wide 17 inch radial tires that are on this one so someone had to put out a wad of cash to get that wheel onto the back end.

    And just look at the rads to handle the extra heat!
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    Thats awesome. It's cool when you see guys putting lots of time and money into older bikes.
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    Let me explain the modifications I have made on my bike.

    First on all I have this bike for 18 years and it has 185,000 km on it. Yes, I drive this bike on the road and I have had no problems whatsoever. You can see my 6 into one exhaust system that I have made myself. It sounds really great. All modifications made to this bike have been hand made by me. The fairing come from a 1986 FJ1200. The wheels come from a ZX7. The front wheel fits “bolts on” with wheel bearings from a Katana 1100. The rear wheel, a 5.5 inch is from a ZX7 and has been soldered into a wheel from a 1300 to keep the drive shaft. I have cut the frame in front to give it a better angle, and the front wheel is pushed forward by 4 inches. The swingarm is longer by 8 inches and I added a mono-shock from a 1986 Ninja 1000. The suspension is incredible. I added a radiator from a 1986 Ninja 600. You can imagine what a 1300cc would be in traffic on a hot day. With 2 radiators and 2 problem. Think of Laconia for example. I went to Laconia with this bike from 1986 to 1995.

    I installed a hydraulic clutch from a Ninja 900. The pedals and shifters have been pulled back, the seat has been cut so the driving position is incredible. The are two Pro Comp auto meter gages on the handlebars, one for temperature and the other one for oil pressure. The belt you see on the side really freaks people out. As you might know, the 1300 model has a problem with electrical charge, that’s why I installed an alternator (generator) from a FJ1100. I installed that in 1987 and it works like a charm. The battery always shows full charge even at idle with the two fans on. A 1300 won’t always start properly when hot, because the starter needs too much Amperes. I installed a starter from a ZX6 with permanent magnets. The result is unbelievable.

    I saw a lot of people looking for coils from a 1300 on sites on the internet. I also had an ignition problem. It is very important not to have any leaks in the electrical system. You can install a relay from the battery to the coil to obtain maximum voltage, but I found the solution: I got rid of the 3 coils from the 1300, and I installed a coil pack from a Chevrolet Malibu with a 3100 engine. The coil pack is compatible with the ignition box, and you give a 0.060 gap on the sparkplugs. The engine gives excellent performance. The engine starts when you show it the key. The engine is also more economical on fuel consumption. You can buy the coil pack at a scrap yard for nearly nothing.

    The intake cam has also been altered. I have given it one “tooth” advance. This boosts the compression and torque. This bike is 22 years old and has 185,000 km on it and it feel like it’s brand new. I am flattered that you put my bike on your site.

    I almost forgot “the wheel on the floor”. Another crazy project, but that’s the way I like them. That is a rear mag from a 1998 Corvette, 9.5 X 18 that I have machined with a wheel center from a KZ 1300. I will put two universal joints from a 1300, and it will fit like a glove, “bolts on” with a 280 tire. Yes, you heard right, a 280!!!!

    If you wish I can send you a lot more photos of my bike. I was happy to learn I was not the only 1300 nut on this planet. Here in Québec you can see a few 1300’s once in a while. It took time to answer because my translator was not available until today. That’s about it.

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    thanks for the pictures.....shes pretty, whats her name?

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