Question about non-sportbike buy & sell
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Thread: Question about non-sportbike buy & sell

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    Question about non-sportbike buy & sell

    Is it OK to post an item for sale with a link to an e-bay auction of an item i'm selling there?
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    If your selling it here why do you need the e bay auction at all? Cuz BCSB members wont buy it through ebay when they can buy direct from you. Maybe wait until your ebay auction ends, if it doesn't sell then post it up here.
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    id buy his ebay auction if he posted it on here..i like to pay AMERICAN fucking prices and shipping..... i really do...
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    I wish.
    So long as you arn't an ebay seller by trade (ie. you arn't trying to run some type of business), no problem.

    Although - I can't expect you'd really sell much here by doing it.
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