2000 Red/Black R1- Stolen!!!!!!
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Thread: 2000 Red/Black R1- Stolen!!!!!!

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    Angry 2000 Red/Black R1- Stolen!!!!!!

    I guess my race-stand was just a sign of what was to come.
    Sometime between Saturday Aug 27th around 6:30pm and Sunday Aug 28th around 7:30 pm my bike was stolen!!!!!
    This happened in the Yaletown area around Richards and Drake.
    If anyone sees anything at all call the Vancouver police non-emergency at 604-717-3321 and you can quote the file number 05215827. Or PM me with the info.

    It feels like someone kidnapped my wife and kids. (If I had any.)
    My truck was broken into and moved forward.
    Here's what my bike looks like, and a picture of the crime scene.
    Now... bring me that horizon.

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    Big Stick
    damn people these days. I hope you get your bike back and the people get caught and are beaten to death

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    Fuck, man, really sorry to hear about this! You piled the clicks on that thing — I truly understand how you feel about a part of you being missing.
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    Wow. Stupid people these days will put so much effort into stealing a bike. Sometimes when I go downtown to a friends place, I park my bike behind her car in the underground parking. Maybe next time I will just drive. I can see that these idiots will just move the car.

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    Shitty deal... I've seen your posts on R1 forums before I knew about bcsb. Hope ICBC doesn't bang ya to hard. Next time can you get a bike brace or bikeboot?
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    holy shit that's brutal.. sorry to hear.

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    almost sounds like someone cased your place or an inside job. They really wanted it if they were willing to break into the truck to move it forward.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss.
    I know how it feels, trust me I've been there.

    Please send your info to Denis with the RCMP bike theft recovery program;
    click HERE
    Best of luck on getting your baby back.
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    I feel your pain my friend....bike theft should punished by death!

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    So sorry its gone i love the older styled r1's
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    Shitty deal. I will keep my eyes peeled.

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    Sorry to hear about yet another bike stolen... I'll keep an eye out.

    Sadly I'm not surprised by the effort(s) of the thieves. Even after I built a cage in my underground parking lot for my cars/bikes, equipped everything with alarms, motion detector and video cam [hidden], chained vehicles to each other, parked the cars in such a way to make it "impossible" to steal, set trip wires & nasty home-made anti-theft devices ...and made all this 100% visible to all passers-by: thieves used wire cutters to break in anyway. The video cam's blinking red light musta come on once they were inside the cage... so they stole the video camera.
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