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    In Case of Emergency (ICE)

    This simple program is simple and designed to help emergency personnel identify accident or disaster victims. Mobile phone users input a contact number(s) of a friend or a relative into their phone under the name ICE. Emergency personnel can then scroll through the phone book entries and look for ICE and call the number to obtain vital personal information, such as name, age and any medical conditions.
    Here is how:
    1. Enter the name of a close friend or family member into your mobile phone book.

    2. Instead of inputting the number under their name, use ICE. For more than one contact, input numbers under names like ICE-Wife or Husband, ICE-Mother, or ICE-Caregiver.

    3. Inform the contact person about any medical conditions that you have such as allergies. Make sure that they have details of your age and name.

    There has been alot of times that emergency crews are looking for a contact person and not able to find one. Looking through the phone book entries does not help 'cause they do not know who they should contact in case of an emergency. As we try to be safe on the roads, accidents do happen and this is a great tool to help those that are victims of an accident or disaster. I hope this will aid in saving lives and it may just save yours!!!

    Thanks everyone and please be safe out there!!!!!

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    What happens if you lock out your phone?
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    Id rather have my blackberry locked when I am not using it than the slight chance ice might work.
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