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    So I had a conference in Whistler today (aug 22) so I took off Wednesday at around 7pm. The drive up sucked cuz I was alone and it was getting dark, but thr frive back = WOW. Now I know why you guys love them twisties soo much. Its such a nice view coming down, the ocean, the mountains and the nice clear sky. All i got to say is im oh so very jealouse of you ppl. I just cant wait to get my bike. It was nice to see a few riders goin up and down, And when i do get my bike, im game for a ride up any time.

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    never seen the view..its distorted at speed hehehe
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    Ride fast? You? NEVER!
    That is such total and utter BS that I can't find the words to explain the depths of my disappointment at your deceiving post!
    I never!
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    I thought you already had a bike little Shammi, I thought you were getting a new R1, what happened parents didnt let you get it. You have monday off, Farhads racing at Mission.

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