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    Yippeeee! ! ! ! !

    Fixed the shifting problem on my Husky.

    Thanks to a hint from another web site I took off the primary cover on the Husky and found all the ratchet mechaninsm in there just below the clutch basket. Sure enough in the ratchet mechanism that jogs the end of the shifter drum back and forth there were two spring loaded pawls. One of them wasn't... spring loaded that is. This left the pawl free to flop around and engage stuff when it wasn't supposed to and prevented the shifter from going in the one direction properley. I could see the end of the button plunger but it was stuck. So a few minutes later I had it out and cleaned up. I can only assume that a fleck of those shavings that these bikes seem to like to generate got in there and wedged the damn thing. So it's all fixed now and no cost other than about two hours of play time.

    Speaking of metal flakes I think I found one of, if not THE culprits. There was a little pile of shavings in the primary area just below the clutch basket. I assume that this is all from the clutch as the gears and everything else looked pristine. Hopefully the amount of junk will reduce now that there's a few run hours on it. If not I may just pull apart the clutch this winter to find out where all this junk is coming from.
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    Good to hear it was quick fix.

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