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    Stealth, don't broadcast

    I’m sure my emotions match those of most of BCSB members. I’ve been increasingly disgusted by the level of theft in recent months.

    IMHO If you feel the need to act yourself, then only work with people you trust implicitly, and keep quiet about it.
    Broadcasting your vigilante intentions may deter would be scum from being so ready to rip of bikes (If they do in fact use the board). But talk of sting operations on a public forum is self defeating.

    I would be interested to know what responses the BCSB victims of bike theft have had from the Police. We’re paying their wages, what if anything are they doing?

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    Excuse me if I'm wrong here, but isn't the point here that we want to deter bike theft? Or are you just out to lay the beats on someone?

    As for my experience with the's the same ole story. I was on hold for 60min waiting for an operator at vancouver police, and all I did was file my theft over the phone. I'm not sure on what kind of response you are looking for from them. I'm pretty sure they have more important crimes to worry about then vehicle theft.

    my $.02

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    Let's be realistic, there's no sense in griping about police and what they do about theft. It's more about what can they do about it. Not much. It's up to us to prevent the theft of our own motorcycles. Use chains, alarms, disc locks or whatever means necessary. We have to find appropriate preventative measures to make sure they don't go missing in the 1st place. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scenarios that are simply out of our control.

    However, this isn't to say that I wouldn't whole heartedly help someone kick the sh*t out of a bike thief. Actually, I retract that statement, they shouldn't be beaten, they should be shot.

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    I wholeheartedly agree about what we can try to do to prevent this from happening. Even the slightest bit of effort counts. When somebody recognizes someone elses ride and does a little more than the hand gestures when passing. What more can we do to identify your own property ???
    What extremes are needed to curb / slow down the situation before you become a victim ???
    Clearly the police can do so much. What can we do as a collective group ???
    Adam's RC51 is an example of what we can hear or see...
    My little .02 cents
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