Icbc Screwing Me... Help!!!
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Thread: Icbc Screwing Me... Help!!!

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    Icbc Screwing Me... Help!!!

    icbc is screwing me, on aug 17 i was driving down griffiths ave in burnaby and a car was in the right lane a white car, it was right beside me and all of a sudden it decides to cut into my lane,obviosly it never saw me, so i put on the brakes and tried to slow down but i wasnt quick enough and it hit my on my front tire/rim and send me into the meridian, the jerk didnt stop to even see if i was alive. now icbc is saying that i need evidence that the car hit me and and it was his fault. how am i supposed to do that, there is evidence on the rim, but the estimator didnt look at it well enough, he didnt even roll the bike to see the other half of the tire/rim that is hidden inside the fender. they are just saying that they dont have enough evidence to prove that it wasnt my fault, that i need a witness, but i have no witnesses what can i do??? did anyone see this happen? please come forward it you did.

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    welcome to bc. icbc screws everyone.

    get a lawyer to deal with them.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    yah unfortuantely u'll hae to do that and spend more of your money just to get a little from doesnt care they love wasting cash on shit like this...
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    Escalate. Ask to have the bike re-examined, and have the adjuster's manager present. If they refuse, demand the manager's name and contact them directly. Point out the damage to the rim that was caused when the car hit it. Only after you have exhausted all of those options, tell them your next step is to call up your lawyer. Talk of lawyers always gets some action from them, because it means the case isn't as easy for them anymore. But don't go in there all hot-to-trot about bringing a lawyer in right up front. Give them the chance to review the case first, then finish by heading for a lawyer.

    One warning, though: If you're going to say "i'm talking to a lawyer next", don't bullshit. Be prepared to do it before you say it, and actually do it. These people have truckloads of bullshit being delivered by fraudulent claims on a daily basis, and can usually smell it a mile away. Be honest, direct, and only pull the lawyer card if you're really not getting a fair shake at the end of the day.
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    Sad to say but without a witness and without any real way to show that the wheel damage could be caused by a car and not just an errant wrench during servicing I think you're SOL. The only way you may have gotten something out of this would have been to report the hit and run to the police first off. But without a license plate number the quantity of white cars on the road makes such a claim suspect as well. It just comes down to your story being only just a story.

    It sucks for you and it sucks that there's low life drivers that would do something like that and not stop and take their lumps but at least you lived through it and are able to complain about it here. Count that as a bonus and move on.
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    If it's at a major intersection, put up some signs on lamp posts asking for witnesses. Someone may have seen it but may need some coaxing to come forward.

    Or you could um...{edit as per request}.
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    Shit like this will undermine his case. Don't say this, as ICBC adjusters apparently do read this forum.

    I know you meant well. Just don't in the future. Or better yet, delete your post.

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    if you put number on lamp post.. make it short and precise with as few words as possible. Get a big bright sign. and make sure your phone number is LOUD and c l e a r with THICK letters and/or numbers.

    becuz seriously, i pass by those signs and i dont even have enough time to read them. Let alone memorizing a phone number to call while i am driving or riding. Why does this happen? becuz people dont make their signs visible and easy to read. By the time you can focus on it... you've already drove by!

    Use that 3m reflective tape. Yellow or that silver kind. No way people can miss those.

    i mean, it won't do any harm just to try. and Maybe you will get lucky. It'll cost you about 5bux to contruct a quality sign. But in the end itz a good hand to play.

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    If you can't afford a lawyer, might I suggest calling your MLA's office? ICBC is accountable to the government of British Columbia and they won't let Numpty the Adjustor speak to the MLAs office, it'll be a manager by default speaking to them. I don't work for ICBC, but a different branch of the BC Government and MLA calls get huge priority.
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    if there is an impact point on the rim try to get ICBC to look againand point it out to them
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