Your first crash?
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Thread: Your first crash?

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    Your first crash?

    My first real crash up was when I was 13 and I had a Bonanza Minibike with a 2 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, the governor removed, and a centripetal metal shoe clutch. No suspension front or rear. And the only braking a rear scrub brake (paddle against rear tire).

    I was zooming down the bumpy old Grouse Mountain logging road going about 30 MPH.

    Suddenly the large center bolt that held the front fork assembly to the steering head unscrewed itself and came flying off. So the whole front fork, front tire and handle bars flipped away and started dragging under the bike by the throttle and brake cables.

    The steering head dropped down onto the ground and I instantly went shooting forward on the dirt, my hands and knees grinding into the stones and dirt. I had to pick pieces of dirt and small pebbles out of my palms and knees for a few days and split a few finger nails. Yeeowwouch!

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    I was racing in the 125 MX class. I was coming around on the inside of a tight left hand turn. Another rider was taking wide path around the same corner coming around high up on the berm and BANG we hit so hard it ripped the bike out from under me. As I'm landing I came down with my arm on top of this front wheel.

    When the dust clears... I can't find the bike, the skin on the underside of my arm is rashed and later I find tire tracks across my back. All in all a fun day.
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    1ST day on the bike, forgot where the brakes were, didn't want to run head on into the wall so lowsided it intentionaly at about 30 km/h.
    Got some road rush on the left arm....
    Bought leather jacket after that

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    Doing my race licence course, didn't listen to the instructors, therefore didn't lean off the bike enough, then lowsided it at about 35 km/h.
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    numerous dirt bike crashes.. endos, bad jump landings..

    the worst of which was being hit by another dirtbike in the middle of the road. major ankle damage, shin raw, punctures in my arm..

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    My first real crash was on an 86 Honda SX250 3-wheeler. We clocked it once at 60mph and I rolled it at that speed.

    I used to drift it around this one left hander on our gravel road, loose gravel, so teh back end would slid right around. Hit the corner at 60mph, drift it out and on your way.

    Well fuck, imagine my surprise when I went to do it and they had gradded the road. There wasn't much loose gravel left, and when I kicked the back out to full lock, it grabbed, and over I rolled. I was thrown from the bike and landed on my back and helmet.

    The bike literally flipped over me and landed about 20 feet away. Once I got up, the bike had no plastics left and the front forks were bent. It was retired soon after that, once the zipped tied plastics all fell off.

    I have had many crashes off-road, but that was the worst. Nothing on the road yet.

    Hopefully never.
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    I was 2 minutes from the ICBC testing center in Surrey on the way to take my road test and down I went. Got a bad grip on the brake and put too much throttle on, thus more brake was grabbed, front tire slipped out and down I went sliding on my stomach. The bike slid out into the middle of the intersection. I was going about 50, so the bike took a beating, cracked open the engine cover, destroyed the turn signal and mirror, fairings wrecked. Scrapped up my left knee and banged my right one. Missed the test, had to take a couple days off of work, $100 tow, what a day!

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    First crash was the very first time I rode a dirt bike that belonged to a buddy of mine. It was a late 70's Yamaha YZ125. I had never been on a bike before and was confused by the sifter pattern. I was looking down at it instead of where I was going and flipped it up a bank of dirt. The bike was undamaged (but who would know as it was a POS anyway) but I wasn't allowed on it again so I went out and bought my own. That's how I got into this bike mess and I just can't shake it.

    At this point I've crashed hundreds of times in the dirt but only twice on the pavement (both racing!). The pain goes away but the memories last forever. Good times.......
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    First crash was this summer on a cbr F3, i was pushing too hard on a road i diddent know and came up HOT on a 20kph corner that was kinda hidden untill it was too late, i lowsided instead of smacking the barrier....still smacked the barrier but not while attached to the bike

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    My first and only crash was coming out of Turn 9 at Mission Raceway in May this year.

    I had been trying to pass this guy on a 600 cc (don't know what one) and me on my RZ350. His lines were crazy through the corners (all over the place) and I didn't feel comfortable passing him until I got into Turn 9 (about Lap 5) and thought to myself "this is it - get by him!"

    Silly thing to do actually since he would have sped by me in the straight but I just wanted to pass him! I got to the exit of Turn 9, I was in full lean and hanging off like crazy, and gave the bike some throttle (well, apparently a bit too much throttle!)

    My bike washed out on me & I lowsided coming out of the corner.

    It was such an awesome experience actually (really makes me believe in "Taking It to the Track!" ) I couldn't stop talking about it all day.

    to Joe Rocket leathers!

    ...and those RZ's crash really well.
    Taking It to the Track

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    lotsa years ago on a dirt bike...was riding around a backyard track...typical noobie mistake i get scared, lean back, twist throtle back more, now im going even faster, even more outta control into the thick bushes, about 15ft in i get closelined by a branch....never ever made that mistake again!

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    Not counting off-road adventures, in the gravel parking lot of the used car dealer who was letting me test ride a GPZ305. 15 years old, no license

    Thank ghod I caught it before it scraped anything. I don't think he was impressed with the spray of gravel over the other cars in the lot either.

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    Street:1987, "rookied" my first decreasing radius corner on my '85 FZ 750....straight armed the hi sided when I went into the ditch and ended upside down on a barb wire fence...pulled the posts in and everything. My body never touched the ground during the whole sequence......barb wire fences kinda make good catch fences.

    Track: 1988 @ Westwood......turn #4, my first race in Formula 2.

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    Other than a billion dirtbike crashes :

    Last labor day weekend ['04]: Flyin' along the Duffy. Tank bra's tired clips were lettin' go so the bra wasn't staying fully in place. Didn't stop to fix it. Hit turn 2 of the infamous 3-turn snaking twisty [ie: warning sign says 20-30kph], took the corner a bit wide, hit a lil gravel. Almost out of it ...til my tank bra slid side-ways, shifting my weight/lean abruptly and ...I low-sided into the concrete barrier. Destroyed left side of bike; front wheel then grabbed the next barrier's edge, flipped the bike to then destroy the right side too. [Upside: do that corner and you'll notice there's a whole new row of properly-aligned concrete blocks in better formation than they were last year. You're welcome. ]

    Rode the wrecked bike back to Squamish [2 hrs?] w/ no clutch and umm... no left side to speak of. Shock set in around Whistler, white n' shakin' by Squamish. Bike towed... was a write-off. Injuries to wrists, elbow, ankles still a problem today on longer rides. Very expensive lesson. Thank Gawd my short-term memory recovered.

    What were we talking about?
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    First (and so far, the only) crash was while riding a dirtbike in the street, on the way home. Took a curve, and someone had spilled oil right on the curve, and my rear tire slid out from under me. At the time I was wearing jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, no gloves and a helmet, and I fell face down an the street and slid on my hands and body. Proving that God does indeed watch out for fools, I landed in the oil, and simply slid. I didn't have a scratch on me, just a lot of oily clothes and hands. Took a 18 year break from bikes (not because of the accident, I was riding a few days later. just sorta happened), and recently started. Before I got the bike, I bought all the safety gear, and don't ride a inch withouit putting it all on.
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